The original China after 00 to fight the world's first! Yan bingtao refused to reverse 10-7, leading 7-1 at half-time of the world championships

The original title: China's world No.1 after 00! Yan bingtao refused to reverse 10-7, leading

at half-time of the world championships. On the morning of August 4, 2020 Snooker World Championships ended a focus match in the first round. After 00, China refused to reverse and narrowly beat Elliot slaiser 10-7 to advance to the top 16. Yan bingtao gained a significant advantage 7-1 in the first stage, and soon won the match point by 9-2 in the second stage. In the desperate situation, slaiser made 5 innings to catch up with 9-7. At the critical time, Yan bingtao withstood the pressure and won 10-7. The second round of Hubei fast three online entertainment platform, Yan bingtao's opponent is the world's first, defending champion Judd trumpu!


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